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Feature request: allow different citation styles

Christian Fritz 10 років тому оновлений 4 місяці тому 12

This is a feature that has been requested and I'm trying to gauge it's importance to other users. Please vote it up or down to let me know.

The idea would be to allow different styles such as APA the way they are supported by bibtex.


Feature Request: (Unable to) Embed BibBase into wordpress.COM site

CYVI GROUP 9 років тому оновлено Christian Fritz 4 роки тому 1
Hello There,

I am trying to use bibbase inside of a wordpress.COM site, however it seems they do not allow the embed-scripts on their sites. Specifically, they only allow these additional coding scripts/tags on their pages:

This is not a problem for wordpress.ORG websites because they can add a bibbase plugin which does all the work.

A potential solution would be to solicit wordpress.COM to create an embedding scheme for bibbase like they do for trusted java script sources such as from google and youtube ( Although this would take more effort and not sure if others will find this useful.

Anyone else out there run into this problem before?


Under review

ORCiD Integration

Nico 6 років тому оновлено Vladimir Alexiev 3 роки тому 8

Have you considered integration with ORCiD API?


Only small part of Zotero group library is displayed

Антон Морковин 9 років тому оновлено Christian Fritz 9 місяців тому 46
I've tried to display the list of publications from my group and also from my private library in Zotero. In both cases only a small part of this collections is displayed by BibBase script.
Christian Fritz 2 роки тому

Chris, Everyone:

Thanks for your patience. This issue has now been fixed and the fix has been activated on, e.g.:

This uses the newly created route:

which returns a bibtex file that can be used with BibBase as usual.

The userID is required in order to look up the API credentials to use. I believe that by using that user's API access credentials, the Zotero API will thereby also grant you access to non-public groups. The ID of any user with access to the Zotero group and who has previously given BibBase an API key for their Zotero account, should do -- by using the Generate BibBase page from your Zotero "Library", collections, or groups link, found on our homepage.

Please let me know if this works for you as expected.

Under review

COVID-19 Dashboard Discussion

Christian Fritz 4 роки тому оновлено haaamed56789 2 тижні тому 54

This thread is for questions and discussions about the COVID-19 dashboard we put together and keep updated:

We'll be monitoring this thread, so please add questions or suggestions in this thread.

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Open links in new tab

Bryn Pickering 8 років тому оновлено Adam Rego Johnson 1 рік тому 6

Annoyingly have to use BibBase via iframe due to managed web service won't allow external scripts. In this situation, if someone clicks on any links in the iframe (to see a paper on BibBase or external site) it loads the result within the iframe.

I know that if "target="_blank"" is placed within the html for a link it will open in new tab, but control of that is on the BibBase side of things. Is there any way of editing that or having some optionality in BibBase to allow for it?


*Edited topic when I realised it was the case for all links in iframe


Publication Title Link to Publication not Bibase Network

Jesse Bettencourt 6 років тому оновлено Elizabeth Preston 4 роки тому 1

Default behaviour when I click the publication title is to take me to a bibase network with a comment box on the publication. This is very much not desirable to me and I would much rather have the title bring me to the paper link. How can I achieve this?


Mixed Content (HTTPS / HTTP)

andreasmartin ch 7 років тому оновлено Christian Fritz 7 років тому 2

There is an issue with mixed content (HTTPS and HTTP) of the embedded Mendeley logo (logo-mendeley.png). Please remove the "http:" request from the image source.

Christian Fritz 7 років тому

Thanks for pointing this out. It is fixed now.


Removing links from author's names?

Jinho Choi 8 років тому 0

Thanks for the great work; I started using BibBase and it is working very well. I wonder if there is an option of removing links from author's names. It did find my names from the publication list correctly, but I'd prefer not to have those links. Would this be possible? You can take a look at the page I created here: Thank you!


Prioritizing Features

Christian Fritz 11 років тому оновлено Arianna Betti 8 років тому 3

I'm trying to decide which feature to implement next.

Please tell me which of the following you would care to see implemented most:

  1. More statistics, incl. about individual pages.
  2. Integration with other platforms, e.g., Bibsonomy.
  3. Improved design and a gallery of design templates to chose from.
  4. Better support for Mendeley.
  5. Other, please describe.