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ORCiD Integration

Nico 6 years ago updated by Vladimir Alexiev 3 years ago 8

Have you considered integration with ORCiD API?

Under review

No, we have not. What would be the benefit? From what I can tell from poking around the web site, they currently mostly provide just a page that identifies a researcher. But it doesn't even link to anything else, so what would be gained by connecting authors on bibbase to their orcid pages? -- If that wasn't the integration you had in mind, then please let us know what you were thinking. Thanks.


I believe that the key feature of ORCiD is to provide verified publications (corroborated by publishers) for use in academic promotion cases. It is a non-profit with deep ties to institutions and publishers so it is a credible source while many for-profit academic profile companies have popped up in recent years. Authors must supply or create an ORCiD number publishing with Elsevier journals, for example. ORCiD itself offers a Profile view but it's fairly constrained.

The verified publications could be interesting! Is there an example profile of a researcher that shows those? I'd like to get a sense of how broadly it is used and how many records they have.

However I'm still not quite clear what you are proposing in terms of integration. Since BibBase users use BibBase to show their own publication list on their own homepage, it is relatively unlikely that anyone would post publications that are not indeed correct (unverified and false). So I don't see too much being gained by verifying them again with ORCiD. But again, maybe you had a different integration in mind?


Hello Christian, I've just come across BibBase and had a similar thought. I may have misunderstood, but my impression is that creating a publications page using BibTeX files and BibBase requires users to regularly and update a BibTeX file somewhere.  There are other routes, including Mendeley, but there may be reasons for not using these (e.g. some inaccuracies with Mendeley sometimes, some cite a wariness of the owner, etc.). 

ORCID is becoming increasingly common and is being used by journals now too.  It is therefore "accepted" and it is nice that it automatically updates and notifies authors. I was thinking that building BibBase publication lists based upon ORCID would be useful, tap into a "trusted" resource, and reduce effort on the part of the researchers.  ORCID accounts can also list other details besides publications, regarding the researcher history, so that is available too if that would ever be useful to BibBase.

Personally speaking, I'd be very interested in seeing BibBase work with ORCID.  I'm happy to discuss this here or privately and show you examples of what ORCID is doing these days.


I would also like to advocate for ORCiD because it has become generally accepted by researchers and publishers. The data comes either from the researchers in BibTeX format or from various sources. The researchers can allow data exchange with creditable sources such as crossref or scopus. Therefore, there may be data from several sources for 1 entry. But the page "owner" has to define a "preferred source". The data may not be perfect. But the researchers have an interest to collect their data centrally in ORCiD because ORCiD can be connected for import and export of data to an increasing number of ORCiD partners. Moreover, most scientific journals now offer to include links to the author's ORCiD ID. Therefore, it feels natural to export from ORCiD to BibBase.


Hi there,

I concur with the above. ORCID integration would be a great boost to bibbase's usability, as many people (myself included) centralise publication records there. They are verified, which is their main benefit.

The good news is also that ORCID is designed from start to be integrated to other apps through API, so actually implementing this is totally possible.

Thanks again for the great effort and looking forward to more feature in the future.


Yes agree with above. Orcid integration would be fantastic! 


ORCID pubs are not verified, eg I've added various presentations to my profile.

However, ORCID is the authoritative id for researchers, so if Bibbase cares about author identities, it should at least allow linking to ORCID.