Feature Request: (Unable to) Embed BibBase into wordpress.COM site

CYVI GROUP 9 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 4 years ago 1
Hello There,

I am trying to use bibbase inside of a wordpress.COM site, however it seems they do not allow the embed-scripts on their sites. Specifically, they only allow these additional coding scripts/tags on their pages: https://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

This is not a problem for wordpress.ORG websites because they can add a bibbase plugin which does all the work.

A potential solution would be to solicit wordpress.COM to create an embedding scheme for bibbase like they do for trusted java script sources such as from google and youtube (https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/embedding-on-wordpress-com/). Although this would take more effort and not sure if others will find this useful.

Anyone else out there run into this problem before?



To the best of my knowledge wordpress.com still makes this difficult. However, we have just added hosted pages as a feature to BibBase, so you now have the option of hosting your web page directly on bibbase.org instead of Wordpress, and of course it is super-easy to show your publications on our hosted pages. They are specifically designed for that. Given this solution, we don't think it is necessary for us to try and around Wordpress's limitations.