Feature request: allow different citation styles

Christian Fritz 10 years ago updated 3 years ago 9
This is a feature that has been requested and I'm trying to gauge it's importance to other users. Please vote it up or down to let me know.

The idea would be to allow different styles such as APA the way they are supported by bibtex.
I would use it for sure ! Thank you for this great tool by the way, it's fantastic.
Yep - APA for sure.
This isn't the end all be all solution to this feature request, but it is now possible to list authors before titles using the new "authorFirst" option, like this:

Most of the other style aspects can be accomplished using CSS. We've also added a new predefined style "simple": 

This would be a great feature!

I would like to give this request a little push. It would be great, if you could add a support for different citation-styles.

Best regards

I am wondering how an author-date citation style can be achieved with CSS? And would there be the possibility to generate a numbered list? This would be enormously helpful. I would be glad to help.


A humanist here. Would be very happy to see support for Chicago style.

We've just added another style customization option: "commas". When present, replaces semicolons with commas, and "and" with "&", e.g.,

Graham, R. L., Knuth, D. E., & Patashnik, O.

instead of

Graham, R. L.; Knuth, D. E.; and Patashnik, O.