Prioritizing Features

Christian Fritz 11 years ago updated by Arianna Betti 8 years ago 3

I'm trying to decide which feature to implement next.

Please tell me which of the following you would care to see implemented most:

  1. More statistics, incl. about individual pages.
  2. Integration with other platforms, e.g., Bibsonomy.
  3. Improved design and a gallery of design templates to chose from.
  4. Better support for Mendeley.
  5. Other, please describe.

I'd go for prioritizing 4: I 've noted that a few bibbase users rely on Mendeley (i.e. it's not just me) and that there are some straightforward improvements to do (see my other post).

It would also be a way to attract users outside of the computer science community.

Point three would be nice too. I was thinking that providing visitors with the opportunity to leave a comment for each paper is a feature that would actually promote scientific discussions. But this feature might be on the far side, since it would mean implementing a blog-like feature ...(?)

I'm not too found of "more statistics": we have statistics all over: google scholar, impact factors of journals, number of downloads on most platforms, ... They have their utility, but for a personal webpage, I don't think they would bring some added value.

In any case, thanks for your great work.

I'd say 3, a small gallery of templates would be useful.

As for 5, I would suggest to invest some effort on making BibBase still easier to use for complete newbie. This would also help to spread BibBase outside the computer science community (I'm a philosopher). I've no precise ideas, but a first step may be some testing with widely used free hosting services, like Google Sites or similar. For instance, I'm trying to use BibBase with Google Sites, which is hard since Google surprisingly does not apparently support PHP (except perhaps through writing a dedicated gadget/app) nor Javascript (it should, but it doesn't work). I understand that this may sound a bit too vague, but it's just a suggestion.

Many thanks for your work.