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never mind the error. Now is working. The two publications from 2023 have links to the pdf files.

Zotero does not allow to share the pdf files if stored in a personal cloud rather than in their server.

The link to a pdf it is a potential solution, but bibbase does not recognize it.

Regarding the Extra content, if I use  .bibbase_paper_content { display: none; }, I also hide the link icon and the abstract.



There is apparently a problem with bibbase and zotero. it is working with mendeley but with zotero I get the following message:


No data

There was a problem retrieving your

publications. If you were using a bibtex file, make sure it is free of

syntax errors. If you were using Mendeley or Zotero, make sure your

library isn't empty.



thanks a lot for solving this so fast.

With mendeley, there is a link to download a pdf file for each of the articles.

With zotero, the pdf icon opens the articles html page.

Is it possible to solve this too?