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Zotero doesn't show pdf files

German 9 months ago updated by Christian Fritz 9 months ago 5


Using zotero, the pdf files are only shown if kept in zotero cloud (they do not appear if the pdf files are stored in a personal cloud).

If a https link is used instead of a pdf file, they will appear in the zotero webstie, but they do not in bibbase (the pdf icon and its link does not appear).

Is there anyway to solve this problem?

Also, is there anyway to prevent showing the content of the "Extra" content associated with the articles?

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Hi German, Can you point me to your page where you have your Zotero publications embedded with BibBase? It would help me investigate what's possible re. external links to PDFs. As for the extra content, you can definitely hide that with CSS. Try adding .bibbase_paper_content { display: none; } to your CSS.


There is apparently a problem with bibbase and zotero. it is working with mendeley but with zotero I get the following message:


No data

There was a problem retrieving your

publications. If you were using a bibtex file, make sure it is free of

syntax errors. If you were using Mendeley or Zotero, make sure your

library isn't empty.



Thanks for the link. And not sure I understand your comment about "No Data". I see this when I open your page right now and it seems to be using Zotero:

Image 162

Getting back to the original question: which of these publications have an external PDF link in Zotero?


never mind the error. Now is working. The two publications from 2023 have links to the pdf files.

Zotero does not allow to share the pdf files if stored in a personal cloud rather than in their server.

The link to a pdf it is a potential solution, but bibbase does not recognize it.

Regarding the Extra content, if I use  .bibbase_paper_content { display: none; }, I also hide the link icon and the abstract.



Regarding the Extra content, if I use .bibbase_paper_content { display: none; }, I also hide the link icon and the abstract

Then I misunderstood by Extra content. Can you explain what it is you want to hide?

It looks like the bibtex format Zotero exposes via it's API doesn't include the links to the external PDFs you are using in those 2023 publications. Here is what we are receiving:

  title = {Radial astrocyte synchronization modulates the visual system during behavioral-state transitions},
  copyright = {CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication},
  issn = {1097-4199},
  url = {https://www.cell.com/neuron/abstract/S0896-6273(23)00709-2},
  doi = {10.1016/j.neuron.2023.09.022},
  abstract = {...},
  language = {eng},
  journal = {Neuron},
  author = {Uribe-Arias, Alejandro and Rozenblat, Rotem and Vinepinsky, Ehud and Marachlian, Emiliano and Kulkarni, Anirudh and Zada, David and Privat, Martin and Topsakalian, Diego and Charpy, Sarah and Candat, Virginie and Nourin, Sarah and Appelbaum, Lior and Sumbre, Germán},
  month = oct,
  year = {2023},
  pages = {S0896--6273(23)00709--2}

If you want more control and that's an option for you, you can always use a bibtex file directly as the data-source for BibBase, i.e., do without Zotero. That would allow you to link to your PDFs no matter where they are.