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Yes, it is possible with CSS: {
display: none;

Yes, it is possible with CSS:

.bibbase_amazon a {
display: none;

Thank you for the fix! Works perfectly now.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to a fix. Let us know if we can be of any further help with this issue.

Sorry for reopening this. But after a colleague on the other half of the planet encountered the same issue (compare, I think this is more general as thought before.

After some digging, it turned out that any browser's activated "Do not track" option/plugin will prevent BibBase's external links (that have the click handler "log_download" mentioned above) from doing anything.

Maybe another reported issue is connected to this:

So what can we do for now? Do you see any chance for a fix? Turning off "Do not track" settings, just to open a PDF or clicking on a DOI link, should not be necessary and can not be a satisfactory solution because it is difficult to communicate to users and any user would think the links just don't work or the site is broken.

It`s weird, on another device everything works as expected. So I guess this is just an issue with my settings and can be closed/deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for switching this issue to planned status, which seems to indicate that you're basically open to the changes proposed above. Could you indicate if it is easy/easier to fix (at least 1-6) or takes more time? 

You've probably seen this before: . Obviously, it is a large advert for their own hosting solution but maybe you can find some hints between the lines.

Concerning 1, you can at least get the first letter capitalized by omitting the first underscore after "url": urlMy_Favorite_Journal . But omitting the following underscores renders as "Myfavoritejournal".