Safari "Prevent cross-site tracking" option

Emmanuel 6 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 6 years ago 5

It seems that bibbase is not compatible with the new "Prevent cross-site tracking" option from Safari. I am happy to provide details and examples if you can't reproduce the problem, and eager to hear for a fix. 

Thanks for bibbase!

Under review

That would be helpful, yes. What are the symptoms of that? Does the publication list not load at all?

Thanks for the response! The publication list doe load, but most of the formatting gets lost, the links and folding/unfolding capability do not work anymore, some technical banner describing how to embed a bibbase part in a website appears at the bottom (with random formatting)... 
The easiest way to diagnose the problem may be to check an example on my website (www.emmanuel.chemla.free.fr), toggling on and off the option in Safari and reloading the page shows the differences.

I haven't been able to reproduce this in Chrome yet, but will try Safari as well.

The problem actually disappeared for me now. I have looked into this a little bit though, and unfortunately this does not mean that there is no problem: the cross-site tracking option probably learned that *I* have visited the bibbase domain often enough to infer that it was trustworthy (to me). For people who visit a bibbase based website (eg, mine), but not the bibbase domain directly, the problem may persist. This is harder to test, but yet a real worry.


As pointed out in https://bibbase.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/256-external-links-broken#comment-677, this is probably the same issue as found in that other ticket. Since that is fixed now, I'll assume this one is too. Please re-open if not. Thanks!