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The bibtex file the pages uses is located at Does that help you find it?

Probably to some degree, yes. Can you point me to the web site where the results are rendered by BibBase?

Can you point me to the page where this is happening, the names, and the correct links (if any)? Thanks.

Thanks, I see the issue now. You are right, this is a bug and should have worked. Thanks for reporting this. 

Fortunately you can fix this easily by using a complete URL in your script tag. Please just change:

<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>

i.e., add https:// to the URL to your bibtex file. It should resolve the url correctly after that.


Hi Cedric,

I wasn't able to parse your question completely. It seems something broken when you copied html into it perhaps? But I think if you can point me to your bibbase page I can figure out what's going on.



We've just added another style customization option: "commas". When present, replaces semicolons with commas, and "and" with "&", e.g.,

Graham, R. L., Knuth, D. E., & Patashnik, O.

instead of

Graham, R. L.; Knuth, D. E.; and Patashnik, O.

Hi Carol,

I think this is indeed a matter of style and taste, but I agree that the option should at least exist. So we've gone ahead and added a new customization option to do just that. You can now add "&commas=true" to your bibbase url. It will then use commas instead of semicolons, and ampersands instead of the "and".

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hm, I get a "Page not found" when opening that link. Is it public?