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Access inherited bibtex file

rmw61 3 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Christian Fritz 3 lat temu 5

Hi, we've inherited a website that allows us to automatically add to a bibtex file and update the list of publications.  What we can't see is where the bibtex file is physically located or how to edit it if we make a mistake.  Is it possible to find that information out?

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Probably to some degree, yes. Can you point me to the web site where the results are rendered by BibBase?

Hi, yes it is at https://www.eeci.cam.ac.uk/publications

Thanks for your help :)

The bibtex file the pages uses is located at https://eeci.soc.srcf.net/EECI_bib.bib. Does that help you find it?


Yes that is very helpful, thankyou very much :)