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Benjamin Parrell 8 років тому оновлено Christian Fritz 8 років тому 3

Bibbase seems to be automatically generating links for authors who aren't bibbase users (e.g. http://sites.udel.edu/speech-lab/publications/)

Would like to suppress those links if possible.

Not a bug

Hi Ben,

Thanks for moving the conversation here.

It seems that you are trying to create a group page. If that is the case, then the problem will go away by itself once you add more publications. What is happening right now is that BibBase sees this page and notices that all publications include Hestvik, A. as an author. And since it has never seen this author elsewhere it assumes that this page is the publications page of that author and links to it. Once there are more authors, it will recognize that no one author is included in all (or almost all) publications, and won't try to associate any one author with this page.

So I would just proceed with adding more publications and then the links should go away. Alternatively, if Arild is interested, he could use BibBase on his homepage in which case BibBase would recognize that and link to that page instead. The whole point of this feature is to automatically link to co-authors, a feature many scientist like and which I think is good practice. At intermediate states of page development that feature may go off on the wrong track, but so far almost all BibBase users have found it to do the right thing.

Does that solve your problem?

That doesn't seem to work. I added a large number of other publications by other people in our lab and, strangely, Hestivk, A. is still showing up with the link (even though he is now on only 2 out of many papers).

Sorry about that. Seems like there is a bug in resetting it automatically. This is a fairly uncommon case, since most people start with a long bibtex file when working on a group page.

I've now manually reset the author association for this page, and the links are gone now. Thanks for your patience.