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Suggestions for improvements : localization, BibBase as a downloadable, etc.

Jean-Philippe Ung vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Christian Fritz vor 8 Jahren 1


Great work with the BibBase project. I have a few suggestions for future improvements.

(1) Localization

Is this something you are envisioning in the future ?

(2) Standalone BibBase library

I was wondering whether you were thinking of creating a standalone js library for BibBase.

Right now, I am seeing the following inconveniences when embedding in an existing website:

  • conflicts with existing Bootstrap and jQuery and having to resort to noConflict mode.
  • impossibility of using an async method to load the script in the footer and write the output in a specific container.
  • security concerns due to js scripting methods being added from a domain (bibbase.org) that's not the same origin as the existing website.

Thanks again for the development of BibBase !