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I'd suggest to make clear in the instruction that https is not allowed in the address of the .bib file. This may be relevant because many people may try to use Dropbox or similar services to put their .bib file online, and this wouldn't work (or at least it didn't work for me). In short: emphasize that the address must start with "http" only (if this is the case). Many thanks for your work.



Please see my last comment.


This is a bug. https is supported and used to work. I'll look into this. Could you give me the https url you were testing with so I can test against that one as well?


Thanks for the answer! Here's the link:


To be honest, I can'y be sure that the problem was with https, but when I changed the location to http, it started working, hence my guess.



I think the problem is not https but dropbox. There is a redirect. When I just retrieve the URL you gave me, I get the following response. The right URL is below.

> curl https://www.dropbox.com/s/ln4urie0mcnpbh9/cevolani-pub-prova.bib





    <p>The resource was found at <a href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ln4urie0mcnpbh9/cevolani-pub-prova.bib?token_hash=AAEKvo7xMLwDigTIZRhjqMyfJDrCi7Cyqm4JIZxkuA6krA">https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ln4urie0mcnpbh9/cevolani-pub-prova.bib?token_hash=AAEKvo7xMLwDigTIZRhjqMyfJDrCi7Cyqm4JIZxkuA6krA</a>;

you should be redirected automatically.

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    <div align="right">WSGI Server</div>



If I use the URL that dropbox indicates as the redirect it works:



Please see my last comment.

Dear Christian,

thank you for the feedback, and happy to hear that the problem is with Dropbox.

Still, I'm wondering whether it is the case to alert users about this issue, I guess that few will be able to find the right url. Dropbox and Google Drive are likely the immediate options that come to mind to put stuff online, I'll test GD as soon as possible.

In any case, thanks again for the wonderful program.