zotero: doesn't show My publications folder

German 2 år siden opdateret af Christian Fritz 2 år siden 3


I am switching from mendeley to zotero.

when trying to get the javascript embedding, there is no option in zotero to select only My publications, as possible in mendeley. Is there any workaround ?


Hi German,

Thanks for pointing this out. When we implemented support for Zotero the My Publication feature didn't yet exist, so we didn't include the necessary options. It was easy to add though and is now live. Please check again. You should now see it in your list of Zotero sources (https://bibbase.org/service/zotero).

thanks a lot for solving this so fast.

With mendeley, there is a link to download a pdf file for each of the articles.

With zotero, the pdf icon opens the articles html page.

Is it possible to solve this too?



Which sharing permissions did you give when you added the publications (with attachments) to your My Publications?

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