Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined - despite resources loading

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Thanks for your time. Struggling a bit to debug BibBase embedded in a Wordpress site via shortcode snippet. 

Expected behavior: embedding via shortcode will load the BibBase feed and all resources normally. 

Actual behavior: When I'm not logged into WP Admin, I get the dreaded "Uncaught..." error as though the browser can't find JQuery, and the page as such does not render correctly. Huge SVG icons etc. However - I did notice that when I'm logged into WP back end, all the same resources load just fine and the page renders. 

Only I can see on viewing source is that when I'm logged into WP admin and testing the page, the dependencies (jquery.min.js, bibbase.min.js, MathJax.js) all load remotely from CDN vs. /wp-content/cache/ when I attempt to access it "cold" from an incognito mode browser.

Anyone else seen this behavior, or does it sound vaguely familiar? Thrown bones appreciated. Thanks in advance, 

À l'étude

Could you point me to your page? Then I can have a look.


Thanks Christian but we figured this out - issue was off-target effects from a caching plugin meant for much more basic use cases! Appreciate the follow up.