Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined - despite resources loading

Luke 3 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 3 years ago 3

Thanks for your time. Struggling a bit to debug BibBase embedded in a Wordpress site via shortcode snippet. 

Expected behavior: embedding via shortcode will load the BibBase feed and all resources normally. 

Actual behavior: When I'm not logged into WP Admin, I get the dreaded "Uncaught..." error as though the browser can't find JQuery, and the page as such does not render correctly. Huge SVG icons etc. However - I did notice that when I'm logged into WP back end, all the same resources load just fine and the page renders. 

Only I can see on viewing source is that when I'm logged into WP admin and testing the page, the dependencies (jquery.min.js, bibbase.min.js, MathJax.js) all load remotely from CDN vs. /wp-content/cache/ when I attempt to access it "cold" from an incognito mode browser.

Anyone else seen this behavior, or does it sound vaguely familiar? Thrown bones appreciated. Thanks in advance, 

Under review

Could you point me to your page? Then I can have a look.


Thanks Christian but we figured this out - issue was off-target effects from a caching plugin meant for much more basic use cases! Appreciate the follow up.