Feature request: Tags cloud and research bar

jdam 4 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 1 year ago 3


Thank you for your work.

I would like to know if there is any way to display a clickable "tag/keyword cloud" above the bibliography so that my users can have a direct view of what's in the bibliography. (I have over 100 keywords for a bibliography of over 6000 references). Also why not add the possibility of "search" toolbar?

Doable ?

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Under review

Thanks for the suggestion. That does seem useful in cases of long reference lists, but not so much for the average BibBase user who uses it to list their own publication. That said, we'll look into what it would take. Can you point us to that page of yours with the 6000 references so we can use that as an example to consider?

thanks for your answer. At the moment the bibliography contains over 3000 entries but a big update (from 3000 to 6000) will be made in the coming weeks. The CMS is wordpress and the add-on/plugin used is TeachPress.We have a couple of issues Firstly, the database is relatively slow when searching and the update will likely make it worst. Secondly, we would like to link the database to Zotero but it's currently not possible with Teachpress and the developpers are not really supportive. So a solution for us would be using BibBase linked to a Zotero database, with a search bar and a tagcloud... http://www.collapsologie.fr/veille-biblio/  Many thanks for your help 


Hi J,

At long last we've gotten around adding a search toolbar. It's hidden by default -- because we don't want to change our users page appearance without their consent -- but you can show it by adding showSearch=1 to your bibbase url.

Hope you find this useful.