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Generated by BibBase from Mendeley Misalligned

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Trying out BibBase for the first time and liking it a lot!
However, importing from Mendeley formatting is not quite right. Is there anyway to have all of this on the same line?


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Pas un bug

It is normally formatted quite differently (see, e.g., https://bibbase.org/service/mendeley/7be7f7a6-afaf-3ffc-92cf-b3439435407e). There seems to be some interference between your CSS rules and those used by BibBase. So you may want to debug this by trying from a blank page first, and then adding your CSS back in.

Hi Christian thanks for your response.
I'm trying to debug the CSS as you've said. I think the way the bibbase header in marked up makes it difficult to remedy this problem. The css that's colliding here seems to be the standard css from bootstrap, so I imagine this isn't uncommon.

All of the elements in the header are li without explicit ids. TI'm trying to change the CSS so that the "generated by..." is "float:right" as in the example you've provided. However since the "Group by..." is also an li there seems to be no way to write custom CSS for the "generated by" but no the "group by".

It appears that all of this is done by bibbase directly in the html tags. Any hints on how I might overwrite this?

Thanks I was able to figure it out!