Using Google Drive with BibBase

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(This is not a request, but a possible solution.)

Keeping the BibTeX file (say list.bib) on Google Drive (GD) or similar services (like Dropbox, etc.) may be useful since you can update your bibliography without bothering to upload the updated version online.

Unfortunately, GD (and Dropbox) do not provide the "direct" link to list.bib needed by BibBase to produce the final bibliography. Here is a workaround for GD:

1. Create a public folder in GD and put in it your list.bib; both the file and the folder must be shared publicly with everyone (after all, this is the aim of putting your bibliography online, I assume)

2. Obtain a direct link to list.bib from a free service online. For me, the following one worked:


You just need to obtain from GD the sharing link as usual (right click on list.bib, Share...) and to paste it in the site above, which then produces a new, direct link to copy.

3. Paste the direct link in the BibBase page to generate the bibliography.

A working example is on my page:  http://www.webalice.it/g.cevolani/

A cleaner solution for step 2 above (that in any case you need to do only once) would be better.

I hope this may be useful to others,


Obtaining a direct link can now be done the following way:
  • Select *.bib file by clicking on tick box
  • Click on Details and Activity button (circle with "i" inside of it)
  • Click on Details and you will see direct link under Hosting

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