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Please check out the top publication at

which contains $3 \alpha + 2\beta = \pi$ in the title.  It is incorrectly rendered.

Also scroll down that page for other examples of incorrect rendering.  

For example G{\"o}del,  which in Ticket 76  Christian advised me to fix by inserting the braces,

but they did not help, and I got no further reply.   There is also a French title with a completely 

garbled word,  which uses TeX for the accented characters.   (After all it comes from a bibTeX file! so 

it has to use TeX.)   

Please, please fix this issue.    By the way,  it's also not rendering correctly on BibBase's website, if I go to 

My Publications,  though the alpha and beta work there,  the pi does not.   On my website it's just 

the other way around,  pi works but alpha and beta do not.   There is a mathjax call on my page,  without it

the pi also doesn't render.  

You're right! On my SERVER the bibtex has a doi field. On my local machine it does not. So my local copy
is out of sync with the server. I must have added the doi field from another computer and forgotten I did so.
Sorry to bother you. Thanks again for making BibBase.
No, it is linking to the doi IN ADDITION TO the pdf, even though there is no doi in the bibtex file.
Well, that is OK, but I didn't expect it. How did bibbase know what the doi is ?
Maybe you just need to put quotes around the title before searching.  Then you'd get no results unless there was an exact match.

I just posted a similar question.    I solved the problem by putting the title in question into HTML  instead of UTF-8.   Of course that won't work when processing the BibTeX file in TeX, so it's a bit of a hack, in that I'll have to maintain the bibtex file on my server by hand.