wrong buy links

Michael Beeson 10 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 5 years ago 5
BibBase puts in "buy" links that are incorrect.  See

for some examples.
Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this. Yes, the buy links don't always work very well in the sense that searching just by the title of the book doesn't always work. The book images on the right of the pages of  individual publications work a lot better and we plan to use those links for the buy links as well. This is on the roadmap.
Maybe you just need to put quotes around the title before searching.  Then you'd get no results unless there was an exact match.

Noticed something similar for my 'Againt Facts' - I thought of adding ISBN on my side to solve the problem. Woudl this work?


We have decided to remove the "buy" links entirely from users' publication pages. While we are still interested in finding a viable business model for BibBase, this approach clearly did not resonate well with our users.