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I'm very glad to see this re-opened, I'd basically given up hope after seeing the "Declined" response.  Thorbjörn's mention of the badges is exactly what I was referring to and I see more and more journals and researcher's web pages using them.  Small badges are probably better than the large ones, but I imagine it is easy enough to give people the option.  The Altmetric badges can help researchers track how their work is used, going beyond just citations, which is very useful for institutions these days.  My view is that two growing areas are use of ORCID (including by journals at the time of submission) and Altmetric.  With a look to the future, it would be very useful (important), in my view, for BibBase to handle these.

Thanks for getting back to me, Christian.  At the same time, that is quite disappointing.  

Altmetric usage is definitely growing and I'm increasingly seeing researchers implement badges on their publication lists, which seem automated.  Perhaps they are using different software?

Have you actually tried contacting the Altmetric team?  Or is this simply a suspicion for now?

Any chance of a response?  I posted two months ago but haven't heard anything.

Hello Christian, I've just come across BibBase and had a similar thought. I may have misunderstood, but my impression is that creating a publications page using BibTeX files and BibBase requires users to regularly and update a BibTeX file somewhere.  There are other routes, including Mendeley, but there may be reasons for not using these (e.g. some inaccuracies with Mendeley sometimes, some cite a wariness of the owner, etc.). 

ORCID is becoming increasingly common and is being used by journals now too.  It is therefore "accepted" and it is nice that it automatically updates and notifies authors. I was thinking that building BibBase publication lists based upon ORCID would be useful, tap into a "trusted" resource, and reduce effort on the part of the researchers.  ORCID accounts can also list other details besides publications, regarding the researcher history, so that is available too if that would ever be useful to BibBase.

Personally speaking, I'd be very interested in seeing BibBase work with ORCID.  I'm happy to discuss this here or privately and show you examples of what ORCID is doing these days.