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Export to Endnote

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Is it possible to export citations to Endnote (.Ris or .enw file)? This would be very helpful.


Under review

Good idea. That should be possible. However we don't have much experience with the endnote format. I believe there are several different ones. It should be possible to generate the plain text format or the xml format. Is that what you are looking for? Could you send us some example files of the format you are hoping to see? Also, is the goal to import those files into another piece of software? if so, please let us know which (for testing). Thanks.

ps: if this is all you need, that's easy. We'll add it to our todo list.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant.
There is another format (endnote Export format, .enw) which would also work: (this is the export also google scholar uses for export to endnote): see http://wiki.cns.iu.edu/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1933370 bottom for typical example; and http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/insrv/educationandtraining/guides/endnote/endnote_codes.html for full specification.

Thank you!