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accept one-off fees for faster processing, longer files

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(this is half idea, half praise).

I love this service so much -- it's a godsend, especially, if like me, you're getting off of Mendeley and back to basic BibDesk/Bibtex/Github.

I like BibBase so much, I'd be willing to pay for it (preferably one-off? or a donation?), maybe in return for faster processing and/or acceptance of longer files.

I use BibBase a lot for class reading lists, and would also like to have a "I read recently listing" from my entire 4MB file, but I noticed that such long files don't fare well.

(or maybe this isn't even possible in terms of architecture?)
Under review
Thanks for the praise :-)

Regarding the feature you are requesting: I have been thinking about something like that. As you know it is possible to mark papers as read, and I was considering storing the date when that happens and then enabling sorting by that. That should definitely be possible.

Regarding that 4MB file: I never thought about large collections like that. I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't work. Could you send me that file or give me a link to it so I can see where it might be failing?

Regarding donations: that's very kind of you. But what I need more than money right now is a way to get more users, usage, and overall traction. So perhaps rather than accepting your offer, would you mind if I added you to my list of "power users" who I can run ideas by every once in a while? There are some possible future directions I'm contemplating, and there is nothing more valuable than feedback from your users to see what they would find valuable.

Great, thanks!

Yes, absolutely, sign me up! I'll give BibBase a shoutout anytime I can. 

One piece of feedback that comes to mind is maybe stress/improve the Javascript embed options over PHP -- I for one use BibBase only on static websites (Jekyll, actually) and so that seems to be the only viable option for me. I'm guessing a lot of institutional websites and other people's own sites might disallow PHP.

I'll post the other stuff (read-feature, bug with large file) in a new entry on here so as to keep this neat
Hi Maximilian,

I was wondering whether you had any thoughts on the feature we recently added to BibBase, which allows people to discuss papers directly on BibBase. I was wondering whether this would be useful for your students, e.g., to discuss papers on your reading list. The discussion mechanism is heavily inspired by StackOverflow/StackExchange. You can read more about it in our recent blog post: http://bibbase.org/blog/stackoverflow-inspired-sci...

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Creating reading listing and providing discussion, commenting, star features, etc. around a particular artifact (article, commentary, review) would foster a collaborative learning environment in the classroom as well as create a seed list of comments for further public discussion.
Amit, thanks for your input. Did you know that BibBase already has a discussion feature? Click on any paper title on a bibbase page and it will take you to a designated discussion page on bibbase, where you can "respond" (comment) on the paper, vote on it, and watch it, i.e., get notified by email when there are new responses. You can also follow keywords, if you are interested in a specific topic.