Layout perturbed by the bibbase 'link'

Benjamin 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2


I noticed the 'link' appearing for each entry in my .bib file only a few weeks ago and it seems to have broken the overall layout with unnecessary line breaks, see https://bguedj.github.io/publications/ 

Not sure how to fix this -- I've tried rearranging the different fields in bib entries (eg url, doi, abstract etc) but to no success.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this!

Many thanks,


ps: this is my first post here so I'll take the occasion to thank you for bibbase which is a great tool!


Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for reporting this. The issue is (or was) that our new link uses the same CSS class name, "page", as already used by other elements on your page, with styling already applied. This is the style your page added to the "page" class:

This style was now also applied to the new links added by BibBase and that's what caused the layout issue.

Seeing your case made us realize that "page" is probably too generic of a class name for us to use, especially when we really mean "the bibbase page". So we've gone ahead and changed our class name to "bibbase_page" now. This fixes the layout issue you saw on your page.

Thanks again for reporting!




Dear Christian,

A massive thank you for your super reactive and helpful reply! Keep up the fantastic work!

Best wishes,