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Problem with weebly integration

nirotem 3 year бұрын жаңартылды 3 year бұрын 5


I am new to BibBase and to Weebly, so apologies if I am asking something trivial.

I used the JavaScript integration to my personal website (host on Weebly), and the page seems to freeze. I can't scroll down

Any idea what might be causing this?

Here is a link to the website:


Thanks in advance,


Not a bug

Hi Nir,

I see the problem, but I don't think this has anything to do with the Bibbase elements on the page. To test this, just replace the script tag of bibbase with a large div, e.g.:

<div style="height: 200vh; background-color: yellow">This is a test</div>

and then try scrolling again. I think it will be the same issue.

When I scroll on your page with the developer console open, I see that something is changing the class and/or size of the body tag. This causes some flickering. I would look more in that direction.

Hi Christian,

Thank you for looking at it so quickly, and apologize for not having much experience with these sorts of issues (being a non-programmer).

I inserted the script you suggested and the flickering stopped. I also tried to add a new page to the Weebly site (so to start from scratch) and add the BibBase script, but the flickering continued. 

Under review

Thanks for doing that test. Hm, then it indeed somehow seems to be related to the presence of BibBase on the page, or the library it loads (perhaps jquery). I've taken another look at your page. I noticed that you are using a very old version of jquery (1.8.3, current version is 3.6.0). BibBase uses it's own version of jquery and knows how to avoid conflicts with any existing version already on the page, but since that version is so old, I cannot say for sure that we have ever tested that combination. Any chance you could try using a newer version instead? (>= 3.0.0)

By the way, if you are using one of Weebly's paid plans, then you might be interested in considering one of our new premium plans, which include a hosted web site as well (starting at $4/month). It goes without saying that setting up a BibBase-rendered publication list on our sites is well supported and even easier than embedding it on a page hosted elsewhere.

Hi Christian,

I don't know how to set the element/my Weebly page to use a newer version of jquery, but I posted a similar inquiry on the Weebly community page. I wasn't aware of BibBase premium plans, but as I just purchased my plan with Weebly a couple of weeks ago, I prefer to try and make it work on their platform.