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Author's page only linked for some publications

Till Hofmann 3 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 3 years ago 2

Since recently, the author's page is only linked for some bib entries and the link is missing for other entries.

As an example, this publication correctly links to this page:

Image 122

This one does not:

Image 123

I initially thought that this may be related to "Last Name, First Name" vs "First Name Last Name" entries, but the two examples actually use the same format.

It might also be related to co-authors, as all linked publications have another co-author who also has a bibbase page.

Anyway, it would be nice if the page was linked from all publications, not just some.

I realized this shouldn't be in "Ideas", but I don't know how to move it to the correct category.

Under review

Hi Till,

I moved it to bugs. And sorry for the delay. Yes, this feature is in flux right now and needs some attention. However we really need to focus on our premium features and our paying customers right now in order to become sustainable. On that note, let me know if KBSG or the i5 (or any other department in Aachen that you know of) might be interested in some of our premium features described in our recent blog post. It would be much easier to justify prioritizing this right now if the group signed up for one of our premium plans.

Please say hi to Gerhard!