Some (large?) files won't work

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As mentioned earlier, I sometimes run into problems with (large?) files.

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maxheld83/give-n... won't work, just give me a "no data" timeout or something.

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maxheld83/emile/... also produced by BibDesk and hosted on github works just fine.
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Hi Maximilian,

Thanks for these links. The second one didn't work for me (I couldn't get the .bib), but the first one was very helpful for hardening BibBase. It turns out that the file had some issues, e.g., the use of invalid bibtex entry types (e.g., @conference and @url). While that is a problem with the input, I still want BibBase to be robust enough to handle that, and debugging with this file helped me accomplish that.

So now your file renders just fine---after a while ;-), it is pretty big.