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Bibsonomy not working

palpusospam 4 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 4 years ago 5

Hi there,

I'm trying to create the bibbase html code but searching authors in the "bibsonomy" box doesn't do anything. Pressing enter performs no action. The other methods do work. I've tried in different browsers. Is there a bug on this?



Under review

I was unable to reproduce the problem in Chrome or Firefox. I'm assuming those are the browsers you tried, too, right? Anything else that is potentially different about your setup? Which name did you enter in the box? Then I'll try with that name, too. It shouldn't make a difference, but I want to try the exact same thing you are doing to try and reproduce this. Thanks.

Yes. I tried those. I used a third one and it works. Might be one of my multiple add-ons blocking something. 

Having seen it at work, I have an immediate suggestion. The tool searches for author names, which is not very useful since author names are similar across and within fields. That was the case for me. I suggest instead using usernames, which by definition must be unique within the system. 

So, rather than using


I would strongly suggest using





The username based search is added now. Thanks again for the suggestion!


I think both make sense actually depending on what our users are after. We'll think about the best way to add the username-based search. Thanks for the suggestion!