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COVID-19 Dashboard Discussion

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This thread is for questions and discussions about the COVID-19 dashboard we put together and keep updated: https://bibbase.org/other/covid-19.

We'll be monitoring this thread, so please add questions or suggestions in this thread.


Hi.  Great useful tool.   It seems that the "Hide US counties" button no longer works as it won't display individual state data any more.  The "show only countries" button still has an effect-but there is no US state data showing up.  Thanks and keep it up!

Yes, you are right. JHU has temporarily dropped that data (US states and counties). We expect this to come back in the next day or so.

FYI- https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/    still has accurate state by state data.

Although I don't know if it is accessible for your needs.

Thanks again.


Would you please explain/define "spread rate" and "acceleration rate"? Thanks for proving this.

We actually just fixed a bug in the spread rate calculation. It now does what we intended, namely provide the increase-per-day as a percentage of total cases. So for instance 10% spread rate means that tomorrow the total number of cases would be 10% higher than today. To make this rate a little less noisy we show a weighted average over the last four days.

Acceleration rate is simply today's spread rate minus yesterday's spread rate (in absolute percentage point), so a 1% acceleration rate means today's spread rate was 1 higher than yesterday (e.g., 11% vs. 10%).


Perhaps adding the text in your reply as an 'Explanations' button would help casual users?

I've been relying on this tool.  At the time of this writing and for most of the day the US states are not showing.  Will this be fixed?

That's right (see above).
> JHU has temporarily dropped that data (US states and counties). We expect this to come back in the next day or so.

Sorry to bother you!  I had things sorted as Oldest First and was reading as though it was Newest First.  Oops!

Could you add 5 or 7 day spread and acceleration?

The data you are using arrives at different times of day - it results in kinks/jumps.

Having the numbers for longer time period will smooth them away

2nd suggestion would be improved country filter. I can think of at least 2 options: by continent or by regular expression for country names. I, for example, would like to see situation in Europe

And thank you for great tool.

Yes please for an EU_(all) option.  Maybe even Africa_(continent), Europe_(continent), North_America_(continent), South_America_(continent), Aisa_(continent), and Pacific_(continent).

And, after a bit more thinking, perhaps it would be helpful to have 'World' or 'Earth' or 'All'.

3rd suggestion - replaceu "limit to 200+" by a number/slider so user can set limit him/herself


Awesome! Thanks. This is so much better than my hand driven excel file I've been driving since 2/16. When was this first posted?

Three thoughts, not suggestions this is very good. 

1)Any opportunity to show the graph on a full screen to help clearly sees the dates, specifically the start date for each county?

2)Any easy way to plug in a range of dates for the graph?

3)Possibly a second graph. Is it useful to show the county graphs all start from a same point of infection. Maybe start all graphs after each country hits 1 case, or 100 cases. This could help visually on compare each country rates.

FYI I came across this in reddit r/data is beautiful

Thanks again. 


1) I have noticed that if you open the site in its own window and you resize it narrower, it will push the Country/Region table to the bottom and expand the graph to the full width of the window. Seems to be part of a responsive design to display better on tablets and phones. But perhaps an option could be available to do this on wide screens also.


A 'plus one' for graph full screen please.

Thanks for the great suggestions! We just pushed an update with the option to make the graph a lot bigger. More to come.



As others have said, thank you for a very useful tool.  I have a small suggestion that I hope would not be too difficult to implement, that I think would improve the graph results.

Currently, when the "Log scale" is turned off, and you hover the mouse over the graph, a colored table is presented that shows the values for the date corresponding to the mouse position, with the actual numeric values displayed. I like this.  However, when you click the "Log scale" option on and do the same thing, the values displayed in the table are just the powers of 10. For example, 1e+3, 2e+0.  I realize that these values correspond to the axis labels for the graph, but I think it would be more useful if the same values were displayed in the table as the ones when "Log scale" is not active. That is, the actual numeric values.

Thanks again for providing this, and please let me know if any of my comments need clarification.



A 'plus one' for always showing the actual numbers please.


Mike, thanks for suggesting this, we finally got around fixing it and I agree, it makes things a lot easier to read. 

The updated graph and mouse-tracked table looks and works fantastic! Thanks very much for this big improvement.

If I were to make one tiny additional suggestion: now that the numbers are getting bigger, it would be nice if the infection and death counts had commas every 3 digits.



We've just pushed an update that integrates data from an additional source that includes state and county data (https://coronadatascraper.com/#home). So state and county data is back now. Please refresh the page and unselect "Show only countries" to see them again.

Thanks! Nice to see this data. I assume it is a work in progress, since some US states (e.g. Wisconsin) are incomplete and/or do not have counties present yet.

One other suggestion: I notice that the US states have a country of "USA" while the country data entry is listed as "US".  The country should probably be renamed to "USA" to make things consistent and easier to filter. (Typing just "US" in the filter box will include Austria, Australia, etc.)

Hi, great work here with this tool.  Well done!

It would be helpful to be able to see the data scaled to the population (of whatever the data comes from).  This would allow for more like-for-like comparisons.  Smaller countries might be doing badly (or well) but this is obscured by large countries with large populations.



would it be possible to make the graph size adjustable? Or even add a full screen button for the graphs?

Thanks for the great tool,



We just pushed an update that includes a new button to make the graph a lot bigger. Thanks to everyone who suggested that.

what does the * on the Taiwan entry denote?

I don't know. This is how the name is written in the JHU data.


Report of possible bug.

    1) Turn off limit of >200 cases.

    2) Go to last page (8 of 8).

    3) Turn on limit of >200 cases.

Now showing page '8 of 4' and an empty list.


As a programmer I understand why your list index in the left most column is labelled 0 to N-1.  However this may be a bit confusing to non-computer programmers.  Especially as they may infer things like 'My country is 20th on the list' when they see 20 next their country's name.  Perhaps using 1 to N would be a bit friendlier to the general population.


Is there a way to remember selections? I routinely look at the same countries but it resets after I close and return to the page. Thanks.


There currently is for countries (manually), but not for states and counties. For countries you can just add a url parameter "?countries=LIST_OF_COUNTRIES_SEPERATED_BY_COMMA", and to enable log-scale you can add log=1, for instance, https://bibbase.org/other/covid-19?countries=Germany,US&log=1.

I like your idea though of making it such that the selection can be saved easily. I'll see whether we can add that.


Thanks! You didn't mention this, but I determined by trial & error that "&deaths=1" also works as a URL parameter.


There are some small issues with the URL, including the likes of "United_Kingdom" or "United_Kingdom_(all)" didn't used to work (it may have changed in the last few days but I've given up on it).  Perhaps an 'Export URL' button would help?  I have wanted to set a specific set of countries and then send that URL off to someone by email.  Doing this would allow users to create the set/view they want, be able to refresh it and save it as a favourite. 


We just added a new feature to make it possible to share and bookmark a pre-selection. Please find the "shareable link" on the left hand side of the page. Here is an example link to see some counties in California. Thanks for the suggestion, Sly and Brian!


Could you possibly make a separate big chart for deaths that is color-coded like the cases plot.

And, thanks, yours was the first useful plot and summary that I found several week ago

Great work with the new 'show the numbers' thing on the graph.  Nicely done!

There appears to be a bug on Safari.  It appeared over the course of the last two days and results in an Invalid Date error on the chart.


Thank you for creating and maintaining these graphs. It's one of the best resources I have found.

As a suggestion, could you enable the option to correct the data 'per capita'? I'm interested to compare spread curves across territories with vastly different population sizes.


I very much appreciate all the work you have put into the site. It has been incredibly useful throughout the pandemia.

Two suggestions, though, that could make it even more useful:

Enable selection of deaths  ONLY for better visualisation. 
Perhaps make deaths curves more easily distinguishable  - they are a tad too dark. On non-super bright devices/monitors all of them often appear almost black. Perhaps dotted color lines instead?

Option for viewing data 'per mille' ('per capita).


Great suggestions! Just added 1 and 1.2, which were easy. Still need to collect population data to do 2.

Thanks for all your work on this, I've struggled elsewhere to find graphs that go down to the county level in the US.  Per capita data is sorely needed.  I see similar two comments above so I am piling on.  

Hi, a couple of quick ideas to improve usability and comprehension.

1)  Currently the page selector [«  N of M  » ] is at the top of the table, which is fine.  Except that the natural usage is to scroll down the table, when you get to the bottom of the table you have to scroll up to the top again to get to the next page.  Perhaps if the page selector were duplicated at the bottom of the table then looking at all the data would be easier?  (The other possibility would be a 'Just show me the entire table button'.)

2)  The numbers in the 'Confirmed' and 'Deaths' columns might be easier to follow and compare & contrast if they were right justified.  This would line up the ones, tens, hundreds, etc making it easier to see what's going on.

Thanks, Brian.


Anyway to add a US County to the Filters section?  I find that its difficult to compare across states when counties are in the list.

Thanks for the suggestion! This feature has been added.

Canada shows twice and both number appear wrong.

Under review

Thanks for letting us know. This seems to be an issue with our data sources, which can be a little noisy sometimes. Please check back in a few days to see whether the issue has been resolved.

In fact, all Canadian provinces show twice, and have done so for a long time.

It's still broken: Canada is still showing up twice (57k and 39k cases).  The number should be ~110k cases.


This has finally been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry, but it is broken again: Canada (all) is missing and there are two results for Canada, neither of which is correct.

There is definitely something wrong with the data right now, however Canada for once looks right to me (see below). I did notice, however, that if you set granularity to country, the provinces still show up. So that's definitely a bug that needs fixing. Maybe that's what threw you off?