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Altmetric integration

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In addition to my interest in ORCID integration (https://bibbase.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/271-orcid-integration) is there a possibility of including Altmetric data (https://www.altmetric.com) too?  This is something we're increasingly seeing in publisher's web pages.

Any chance of a response?  I posted two months ago but haven't heard anything.


I don't get the sense that BibBase would qualify for getting access to their API:

From https://help.altmetric.com/support/solutions/articles/6000092312-how-can-i-access-the-altmetric-api-documentation-:

The Altmetric Details Page API is available free of charge for scientometric researchers, for more information about access please visit our Researcher Data Access page. For any other uses or projects using the Altmetric Details Page API please contact us.

Thanks for getting back to me, Christian.  At the same time, that is quite disappointing.  

Altmetric usage is definitely growing and I'm increasingly seeing researchers implement badges on their publication lists, which seem automated.  Perhaps they are using different software?

Have you actually tried contacting the Altmetric team?  Or is this simply a suspicion for now?

I't my interpretation of the above paragraph from their API documentation. I don't think BibBase is a "scientometric researcher".

Can you say more about what kind of integration you were hoping for?

How about auto-generating a small badge from the DOI in the bibtex? Similar to what they offer for free here: https://api.altmetric.com/embeds.html

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you thinking of giving the option to show their donut next to each paper? I think some tracking like this might be a good option for those who want it, some might find this donut too obtrusive though. We have a similar feature (counts of downloads), but most of our users don't seem to care much for this and are hiding that count instead. 

I think the default should be the small/medium badge instead of the donut (maybe a bit too big), but that for each paper.
Maybe the main style elements could be defined as option in the url (like you already use now for other aspects).
I think Altimetric might be popular enough by now (many journals have in integrated on the article page) that it find more use than the download counter.


I'm very glad to see this re-opened, I'd basically given up hope after seeing the "Declined" response.  Thorbjörn's mention of the badges is exactly what I was referring to and I see more and more journals and researcher's web pages using them.  Small badges are probably better than the large ones, but I imagine it is easy enough to give people the option.  The Altmetric badges can help researchers track how their work is used, going beyond just citations, which is very useful for institutions these days.  My view is that two growing areas are use of ORCID (including by journals at the time of submission) and Altmetric.  With a look to the future, it would be very useful (important), in my view, for BibBase to handle these.

With the existing framework of &[option]=[value] for the url, I could imagine the following parameters (basically imitating the options from the link above):

altimetric_badge1 or 0Enables the Altrimetric badge. 1 for enabling (default)
badge_styledonut, badge, bar
Different styles, default is badge
badge_sizesmall, medium, large
Different sizes, default is small

and so on.