How to filter DBLP results to a given year range?

Murilo Marinho 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Hello! Nice work with BibBase.

I have just set up a BibBase page for my laboratory.


For now, I'm very interested in the integration you have with DBLP, since it will be automatically updated and save us a lot of headache.

I'm embedding BibBase to our website using JavaScript and I've been trying to play with the filters (https://bibbase.org/help) to customize it a bit more. 

What I'd like to know is

  1. Can I set up a filter to show only results from 2010 onward?
  2. Can I set up a filter to remove the @proceedings field, or alternatively keep only the @article and @inproceedings fields?




Re. 1.: yes, in fact you can. The value to filter on is actually a regular expression, so "filter=year:(201.|202.)" would only show years 2010-2029.

Re. 2: yes, you can use "filter=type:(article|inproceedings)".

However, right now BibBase does not allow multiple simultaneous filters, so you will only be able to do one of these things right now, not both together.



Your example has motivated us to extend our filter feature to allow multiple-features now, see https://bibbase.org/blog/new-feature-multiple-filters. So you should now be able to do all of the above.


Thank you very much for the reply and for the new filter feature. I updated my lab's website accordingly and it's working great.

Thanks again!