Link capitalization, newlines in abstract, problems with TeX in abstract, and cleaner BiBTeX

Noah Stephens-Davidowitz 6 aastat tagasi uuendatud 6 aastat tagasi 2

Sorry for the list, but I didn't want to spam you with separate threads for four small things. Thanks again for making this great tool and for being so responsive! :)

  1. The url_*whatever* fields don't preserve capitalization, so that url_My_Favorite_Journal renders as "my favorite journal". (The plain url field renders as "Paper", capitalized.)
  2. The abstract field removes newlines, so that multi-paragraph abstracts render as a single giant block of text.
  3. Some TeX in the abstract renders improperly because TeX commands are interpreted as accented strings. E.g., any TeX command starting with \r will be interpreted incorrectly, rendering $\rho$ as h̊. Similarly, $\varepsilon$ renders as ǎrepsilon .
  4. Would it be possible to make the BibTeX that's available to the user cleaner than the messy BibTeX that I'm sending to Bibbase? In particular, I have all these url_*whatever* fields that are really just meant for Bibbase, and I have these very long abstract fields with in-line TeX that can cause issues when used with BibTeX.

My test site, in case it's relevant: http://noahsd.com/bootstrap_bibbase_test/ . (I hacked a lot of things through CSS/javascript, and I've changed variables in my abstracts to avoid (3) for now. I left a \rho and \varepsilon at the start of the first abstract to illustrate the problem.)

Concerning 1, you can at least get the first letter capitalized by omitting the first underscore after "url": urlMy_Favorite_Journal . But omitting the following underscores renders as "Myfavoritejournal".

Thanks! That's quite useful in some cases :).