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BiBbase interfere with ghost blogging platfrom javascript

Agostini Sylvain 9 year бұрын updated by emcqueeny 7 year бұрын 10
First thanks for bibbase it is a very useful and very "neat" solution to show a publication list.

I am trying to embed my publication list on my website (still in development) using zotero. The website use the ghost blogging platform https://ghost.org . When i use javascript to embed the list, the menu button does not work anymore, I think the javascript or css from bibbase interfere with the ghost one.
Any workaround?

To see the problem http://coralecophy.agoremix.com:2368/publications-list/, the link may move as I am building the site right now.
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Not sure how I can help with that. I don't get an error or anything in the console when I click the button. I also noticed that you removed the bibbase options and the logo. How did you do that?
Actually I didn't do anything... Just pasted the javascript code in the markdown page. Because there was no more logo, I added "Generated by bibbase by hand... I think the css or other scripts are conflicting.
Here is the code (markdown) used, nothing special.
Here you will find a list of the most recent publications.

<script src="http://bibbase.org/show?bib=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.zotero.org%2Fusers%2F982640%2Fcollections%2F29SNXFNV%2Fitems%3Fkey%3DeqktpUW1qrtgE6jzNfwI2iOG%26format%3Dbibtex%26limit%3D100&jsonp=1"></script>

Generated using bibbase.org
strange. I looked at your html head and I can't see any conflicting libraries. The page does seem to be using bootstrap somewhere though, so that may be the issue. Normally that is handled fine, but for that bibbase needs to notice that bootstrap is already loaded. Perhaps ghost wraps that library somehow...
Could you create a copy of that page without the script tag for bibbase, so I can compare?

Thanks! so far I wasn't able to find the issue. I'll need to think about this more. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. BibBase isn't supposed to interfere with any other frameworks and work on any web page.
No problem. I just discovered bibbase when setting up this ghost blog for my lab and found the problem. I will keep using it anyway, people will just have to press the back button ;)
Now I am fighting with mod_proxy in htaccess to hide the port number.... once this is solved I will try to investigate it more.
actually, it might also be a just a conflict of jquery versions. Could you try commenting out your line:
<script src="/public/jquery.min.js?v=c0d6247ce6"></script>
(near the bottom of the page)?

Good luck with mod_proxy!
I don't know how to modify only that page. Removing that script would require to hack in ghost source... i can try but it is new for me. Perhaps it will be better to open an issue on ghost github. Anyway I will try to see if I can hack it.

I'm seeing a similar issue too on this page - http://library.kumc.edu/zotero-api-demo-page.xml. Selecting a drop-down menu item will cause a redirect to the library home page. If you go to the library homepage and hover over the "Quick Find" item in the upper right corner you'll notice that the link is the same as the one on my demo page however clicking on the Quick Find there will redirect to the home page but on the home page just causes a menu to drop down.

Unfortunately, I am unable to change any of the CSS or JavaScript functionality unless it can be done by overriding them somehow as these pages are hosted in the university run CMS. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!