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I am trying to customize bibbase to get the display I want and have a few questions that I can't find addressed in the current documentation or Q&A.

1) Is there any way to change the ordering of the publication type groups? For example, if I want "inproceedings" to display before "articles" when the publications are grouped by type, is there any way for me to set that?

2) Is there any way to remove some options from the "group by" menu? For example, can I remove the option to group by downloads?

3) One of my biggest concerns with moving to bibbase is what I've read about having to load a page twice to get updates. If a researcher has visited my page in the past and comes back a few days later after I have updated, they won't know (and shouldn't be bothered) to load the page twice to see updates. Is there any way to ensure that all visitors to my page are seeing the current copy of my .bib file even if they have visited before?

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Indeed, the code has changed. The correct CSS rule is now:

  #bibbase_header a[onclick="groupby('downloads')"] { display: none; }

Thanks for reporting!

Hi Chris,

1) Not directly, but you could add an additional bibtex field to each of your publications where you provide a group name you would like to use and sort by and prefix that with a number (for sorting), e.g., "1 - Conference Papers", "2 - Journal Articles". If you then want to just use the number for sorting but not display it, then you can do that too using CSS. Let me know if this is an option for you and I can walk you through it. It would involve having some more maintenance on your part to add those group names.

2) Yes, you can easily accomplish this by adding the following to your CSS:

#bibbase_header a[href*="javascript:groupby('downloads')"] { display: none; }
3) No, no, that is not necessary. It is just that *someone* needs to load the page twice. Not everyone. The caching happens on the server side at bibbase.org not on the client. So after updating your .bib file, just reload the page once (or twice to see the update), and the next time some one comes to your page, he or she will get the latest and greatest.

Hi Christian,

#2 is not working for me to hide the Downloads option in the dropdown menu. Is there another way to accomplish this?



Liz: could you point me to your page so I can see why it's not working and help find a solution that works for you?

Thanks Christian. My page is here - http://library.kumc.edu/zotero-api-demo-page - and I've added the CSS as an inline style to the page. Consulting the Firefox Developer tools shows that the style is being loaded but it's not having any effect on the Downloads item in the dropdown box.


Indeed, the code has changed. The correct CSS rule is now:

  #bibbase_header a[onclick="groupby('downloads')"] { display: none; }

Thanks for reporting!


is it possible to remove the 'group by', or at least remove all options?

also, how can I change the text color of the publications?


I suspected as much. Thanks for the update!

Yes, you can hide the groupBy menu using CSS. This should work:

.groupby_dropdown {
  display: none;