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include conference papers

Martin Roth 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
it would be great if bibbase could recognize and format conference papers from Zotero correctly. For now, I'm duplicating all entries of my own works and move the conference name into the "proceedings" field, but this is not ideal and I don't think the "In" bibbase uses to mark the publication is really accurate. Just another suggestion.
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Sorry, I don't know that I fully understand the question. I thought BibBase was handling conference papers from zotero just fine. Can you point me to your page and tell me what is (or would be) displayed wrongly? Conference papers are usually listed as "In [book title]" and [book title] is usually "Proceedings of [conference name]". Is that the "In" you are referring to? If so, why is that not correct?
Sorry for the confusion. The page I'm experimenting with is here> http:[slashslash]asobiba.de[slash]martin[slash]CV.php (See section 5.)
Since many of my talks and papers do not appear in any proceedings, I usually list them as conference papers given at a certain conference, in a certain place. It works on the page with the abovementioned workaround, but I was wondering if there is another solution. this is also the page I had in mind when posting the other suggestion about advanced sorting...
This is probably a question from the periphery (humanities), so please feel free to ignore...