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Hi, a couple of quick ideas to improve usability and comprehension.

1)  Currently the page selector [«  N of M  » ] is at the top of the table, which is fine.  Except that the natural usage is to scroll down the table, when you get to the bottom of the table you have to scroll up to the top again to get to the next page.  Perhaps if the page selector were duplicated at the bottom of the table then looking at all the data would be easier?  (The other possibility would be a 'Just show me the entire table button'.)

2)  The numbers in the 'Confirmed' and 'Deaths' columns might be easier to follow and compare & contrast if they were right justified.  This would line up the ones, tens, hundreds, etc making it easier to see what's going on.

Thanks, Brian.

Great work with the new 'show the numbers' thing on the graph.  Nicely done!

There are some small issues with the URL, including the likes of "United_Kingdom" or "United_Kingdom_(all)" didn't used to work (it may have changed in the last few days but I've given up on it).  Perhaps an 'Export URL' button would help?  I have wanted to set a specific set of countries and then send that URL off to someone by email.  Doing this would allow users to create the set/view they want, be able to refresh it and save it as a favourite. 

As a programmer I understand why your list index in the left most column is labelled 0 to N-1.  However this may be a bit confusing to non-computer programmers.  Especially as they may infer things like 'My country is 20th on the list' when they see 20 next their country's name.  Perhaps using 1 to N would be a bit friendlier to the general population.

Report of possible bug.

    1) Turn off limit of >200 cases.

    2) Go to last page (8 of 8).

    3) Turn on limit of >200 cases.

Now showing page '8 of 4' and an empty list.

And, after a bit more thinking, perhaps it would be helpful to have 'World' or 'Earth' or 'All'.

Hi, great work here with this tool.  Well done!

It would be helpful to be able to see the data scaled to the population (of whatever the data comes from).  This would allow for more like-for-like comparisons.  Smaller countries might be doing badly (or well) but this is obscured by large countries with large populations.

A 'plus one' for always showing the actual numbers please.

A 'plus one' for graph full screen please.

Yes please for an EU_(all) option.  Maybe even Africa_(continent), Europe_(continent), North_America_(continent), South_America_(continent), Aisa_(continent), and Pacific_(continent).