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Plus one for this, but I guess for now I'll just reorder my .bib.

This solution is working for me but the formatting of Journal Articles is different to that for the heading when sorted by year which is a shame. Is there a way to approach this? If not I would be interested in the approach where I use a new bibtex field to specify the category - would I then be able to list this in the GroupBy drop down? 


Hmm... so 2 is working on a) my friend's machine b) my desktop. Maybe something is cached on my laptop, oh well.

Thanks for the swift response.

2. I've added that to my bibbase.css file but it's not bolding it. From "inspect element" in Chrome you're clearing giving the correct class+link. There is an "== null" in the page source, maybe something to do with that? 

3. It's only minor things, my top would be putting names as FirstName MiddleInitials LastName and , instead of ; between authors. It seems like other changes I would want can all be achieved with CSS. 

Thanks again,