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Is it possible to disable links on the publications title ?

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Here is a page that i am creating

Curious if the following are possible ?
1. Disable links on the titles ... for example, the one below. I dont want the links on the titles of the papers.

2. When I group by type ... is it possible to change "articles" to "Journals" and "inproceedings" to "conferences" ... what would be an easy way to do that ?

BTW, bibbase is just terrific and so simple to use. amazing work!


and how can I modify the formatting so that the initials on author names precede their last names.
for example, replacing "LastName , I." with "I. Last Name"
i figured out a possible solution to my first question.
use css
.bibbase_paper_title a{ pointer-events: none; }

any ideas on how to achieve the rest ?
Under review
Re. 2.: that is possible but requires a bit more work. You'd need to add a field to your bibtex, say, "pubtype" in which you then specify whether it's a journal or a conference paper. You can then group by that category by adding `&groupby=pubtype` to your bibbase url.

It's not currently possible to change the order of the initial and the last name. But a feature like that, to allow more flexibility in how references (incl. authors) are presented, is highly requested and is on our roadmap. Doing this right is a bigger task though, so we haven't gotten around to it yet.