Author initials in reverse order

Ashton Bradley 9 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 8 years ago 3
Embedding using the iframe approach, the bibtex author field is parsed incorrectly so that for example

author={Bradley, A S}


Bradley; S A
It also seems to treat the initials as separate authors. In the example given above, when the author grouping is used in display options, the author

A, S

is displayed, as well as a separate group of publications for the author


Just to be clear, here is the iframe output embedded in my page, with the bibtex shown. From other examples I have seen via bibles.org, this should be parsed correctly, but I doesn't seem to resolve in the standard way. I am stumped as to why it would treat initials as separate authors, and reverse the order in which they are displayed. The problem only seems to occur for multiple initial listings, i.e. Baillie, D looks fine, but the final author P. B. Blakie has been split up into two authors Blakie, and B, P


This should no longer happen with the new bibtex parser we've recently deployed. Please point me to the page where it is happening if the problem persists.