Download count is "undefined"

FlorentF9 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 6

When clicking on "group by > downloads", the resulting download count is always "undefined".

This happens for every bibbase I have tested so far, on every website.

I remember it working several years ago. Did something break?


Thanks for reporting this. It has been fixed now.

Thanks for the very quick fix! (by the way, I wonder how this download count works ?)

We just count the number of times users have clicked one of the links listed in the publication's url fields, which are rendered as little icons in the default style, e.g., for PDF.

Interesting, so you run some kind of central database keeping track of all publication counters of all users? And is the counter tied to the website URL hosting the bibbase component, or only to the publication itself (uniquely identified in some way)? (like, would it reset to zero if I set up bibbase on another website?) 

The counting doesn't distinguish between users. It just counts clicks per publication, where publications are identified using their bibbase-id constructed from author names, title, and year (the last part of the url when you click the "link" link). So no, it doesn't reset ever.

I see, thanks a lot for the explanation!