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Icons for links have become gigantic

cedric richard hace 9 meses actualizado por Christian Fritz hace 9 meses 3


I noticed that icons that link Bibbase page to papers have recently become gigantic on Safari.

Please see: http://www.cedric-richard.fr/pub.html

Thanks for your help.


En revisión

Hi Cedric,

I've tried three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) and all three show them fine for me:

Image 161

I'll need to find a Mac to test on Safari. But in the meantime, can you verify that you don't have any ad-blocker or other extension installed in your browser that is preventing some of our stylesheets from loading? Also, could you open the dev tools console in Safari, reload the page, and copy & paste all the messages you might be getting on the console?




Hi Christian

The problem was only with Safari. Everything is fine again. 

The issue was probably consecutive to a recent update of Safari. I do not really know what happened. Every two or three years, I observe this phenomena of huge icons.

Thanks a lot for your response and for your job with Bibbase.

All the best,