Bibbase iframe top navigation problem

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Thanks so much for Bibbase. I am experiencing a problem with the iframe embedding (which I know you don't recommend!). In order to embed the iframe gracefully in my page, I need to sandbox it and deny the iframe top-navigation. This is because the 'groupby' script and perhaps others in the controls try to navigate the top window when they are clicked, which leads to a less-than-optimal user experience.

The problem is that when I turn off top-navigation, it interferes with all the links in the Bibbase output – e.g. you can't simply click 'link' to see the Bibbase page for each item in the Bibliography.

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Hi Michael,

Do you have this on a public page where I can take a look?

That link takes me to some kind of web-page editor. I'm not sure how to use it, but then I somehow close the editor and get to the real page where bibbase is embedded, it all seems to work fine. How do I reproduce the issue you are having?

So sorry – I copied the wrong url.


This little test page doesn't have much content. There's a heading and then the iframe below it. When I click on 'group by' and select a new grouping variable, I am redirected to the src of the iframe in the top window. 


OK, thanks, I see what the problem is. We use <base target="_parent"> in the code generated by BibBase. We've just added a new option `iframe` that you can set to 1 or true in the bibbase url you use as src for your iframe. This option will eliminate that base definition and all links should open in the iframe itself.

Thanks Christian – working very well now!