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Filtering Authors in GroupBy-View

Ruben Becker 2 år siden opdateret af Christian Fritz 2 år siden 1


first of all thanks for the great work on BibBase. 

I was wondering if there was a way to show only a filtered set of authors, after one clicks on 'groupby' -> 'author'. The reason being that I am administering a group website and it would be nice to see a group only for authors that are members of the group rather than also for all collaborators of group members.

Thank you in advance for any reply on this.


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Hi Ruben,

No, that's not currently possible. Or at lest not easily. You could accomplish this with CSS by:

1. setting "display: none" for .bibbase_group_whole, and

2. adding "display: initial" for #group_Lastname__Initial_ for all authors in your group

You might be interested in our premium features for groups though. There you can pre-configure queries for all your users which you could then all show on your webpage (showing a list of query results, one per member of your group).

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