Add support for latex commands like emph in abstract

Csaba Szepesvari il y a 2 ans mis à jour par Christian Fritz il y a 2 ans 3

It would be great to have support for latex commands like emph (or it for italics) in the abstract. I naively assumed this will work, but it did not. E.g., on my page, https://sites.ualberta.ca/~szepesva/pubs.html, check out the first entry.

À l'étude

Hi Csaba,

Does the abstract play a role for you in contexts other than displaying them on the web? If not, then you can simply use html in instead of latex commands, e.g., <it>variance reduction</it>.

Is that an option for you?



Thanks, this is a good tip. Now that I am thinking of this, I am not using the abstract so far for other things, so I will just go with this. (I use the bibtex file for my CV and grant proposal submissions, but they do not need the abstract..)