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Publication link formula

Adam Rego Johnson hace 2 años actualizado hace 2 años 2

Is it possible to provide more detail on the formula used to generate publication links? I see that the basic formula is https://bibbase.org/network/publication/lastname-lastname-title-yyyy. And I know that certain characters are left out, I assume to make things easier with HTML, such as punctuation and accented characters. But could you provide a full list of these characters, or any other detail on how these links are generated?

Context: for my work I am using BibBase to host a large library of publications on wealth inequality. As part of the research that is pulling from this literature, we are also using BibBase to list our data sources for various visualizations etc. At times we want to be able to link directly to the reference information for a data source on BibBase via the publication links. Thus, in our internal spreadsheets where we list our data sources, we have a column listing the BibBase publication link for each source. 

There are hundreds of data sources that need to have their BibBase links input, and I am working with someone else on my team to attempt to automate this process (through Excel) such that we can use the relevant reference information for a source in Zotero to automatically generate what the BibBase link should be given that it seems like a simple formula. This cuts down on manual work and also keeps the links stable as their reference information changes or is updated. But I want to make sure we understand all the parameters of this formula so that we can be confident all the links will be accurate.

If this is something you'd like to discuss privately instead, please feel free to reach out to me at adamregojohnson@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!


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Hi Adam,

The components of the bibbase id are:

  • lastname of the first 8 authors
  • "etal" if more than 8 authors
  • title
  • year

Each such component is normalized by stripping any characters that aren't letters or digits and then converted to lower case.

Thank you for the quick response! This is very helpful. I will let you know if I have any further questions once I discuss with my coworker.