Certain LaTeX code not working, e.g., "\textendash" is printed rather than "–"

Adam Rego Johnson vor 2 Jahren aktualisiert von Christian Fritz vor 2 Jahren 6

Hi, I've noticed some LaTeX commands are not being interpreted, both in the title and abstract. For example, see this publication which can be found in this library. Some instances of "\textendash" or "\textendash{}" appear literally rather than as an actual en dash, "\%" appears rather than just "%", etc. These are commands which are spit out by the export of Zotero (using Zotero's Better BibTeX add-on), but I believe are typical commands so that things can print properly in LaTeX.

I know dealing with these commands is something that seems to have been brought up before over the years, and other commands are interpreted correctly, but I've noticed \textendash the most. Here are a few more examples I found from the library: 

  1. "r $>$ g" instead of "r > g" (this shows up properly for me on the library page, but not the publication page for some reason)
  2. "\$1 Trillion" instead of "$1 Trillion"
  3. "Sa\lach" instead of "Sałach"
  4. "Alstads\aeter" instead of "Alstadsæter"
  5. "R\onning" instead of "Rønning"
  6. "l'imp\^ot" instead of "l'impôt"

Thank you for your time,

Adam Rego Johnson

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the detailed report with links and sorry for the delay. We found the bug that causes this and fix it, and I think I've checked all the cases you mentioned, please double check.



Hi Christian,

Thank you so much! It appears this is fixed. No worries about the delay of course.

Hi, I'm not sure if this changed or if I simply didn't notice at the time, but it seems as though that while all the errors have been fixed on my publication lists, they are still visible on the direct publication links (except for the first example linked, and the example linked in list item 2).

I've actually just noticed another perhaps related example which I did not catch at first, but it seems to me like BibBase is incorrectly rendering spaces after en dashes if the command in the bib is terminated with a space. For example, "1914\textendash 2019" produces "1914– 2014" rather than "1914–2014", as seen in this direct publication link, also visible in the library containing that reference. I initially thought this was a Better BibTeX issue (the Zotero add on I use to export my references to a .bib) but this seems to be a normal way to format things in BibTeX as far as I can tell -- the .bib for that reference renders correctly in my own BibTeX software.

I think you are right. As a quick fix could you try: "1914\textendash{}2019" or "1914{\textendash}2019"?