Encoding a colon in the URL for a filter parameter

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Hello, I have keywords I am using to categorize my library (a bib file uploaded directly to BibBase), and I have created different URLs to filter the library by keyword for this purpose. Some of these keywords contain colons, i.e., "Data Sources: EIG Tax". The colon seems to be stopping me from doing this for these keywords, however, I can't figure out how to encode the colon into the filter URL parameter. I have tried various combinations of code, e.g., using %3A (https://bibbase.org/show?bib=https://bibbase.org/f/nKAPSyp34A9azBzJd/GCWealthProject.bib&sort=title&filter=keywords:Data%20Sources%3A%20EIG%20Tax), %58, or with "&nbsp" instead of "%20" using &#58, &#x0003A, and &colon. I expected %3A for the colon and %20 for the spaces to work, like it did for the keyword "Estate, Inheritance, and Gift Taxes" (though the comma actually gets converted to a semi-colon by the BibTeX export from Zotero using Better BibTeX, my code using %2C and %20 worked appropriately while using %44 or %2C with &nbsp did not (see https://bibbase.org/show?bib=https://bibbase.org/f/nKAPSyp34A9azBzJd/GCWealthProject.bib&sort=title&filter=keywords:Estate%2C%20Inheritance%2C%20and%20Gift%20Taxes#).

Given the disconnect between the two attempts at creating filtered links, I imagine the problem perhaps is that the colon is treated specially by BibBase given its other uses in the filter URL parameter? Do you have any idea how I can encode this colon properly into my URL parameter?

Thank you!


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Hi Adam,

Yes you are correct. As described in https://bibbase.org/help#customizationoptions a second colon indicates the beginning of regular expression flags, e.g., to indicate case-insensitive matching (i). But since filters are regular expressions, you can still filter by keywords with colon simply by replacing the color by a dot ('.'), which indicates "any character" in regular expressions.

In your case, I don't see any publications with the "Data Sources: EIG Tax" keyword right now, so I cannot send you a sample link that shows it, but in theory it would be 


Hi Christian,

Thank you so much, I'm still new to regex and didn't realize this was an option. Thank you so much! This works perfectly. I had actually just moved all the relevant references tagged with "Data Sources:" in their keywords to a separate library / BibBase page, should've realized, but using the period in a link for that BibBase page works great. Thank you!

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