Can't load file manager; not all files (large batch) uploaded

Adam Rego Johnson 2 år siden opdateret af Christian Fritz 2 år siden 4

Hi, I recently upgraded my account to a Professional subscription to take advantage of the increased storage space for hosting all of my bib file's 600+ references with PDFs. I dragged and dropped the files last night into the BibBase file manager and expected them to take a while to upload, but no dice. It went pretty fast for, in a rough count, about 150 files, and still showing more items waiting to be uploaded below, before it stopped completely. I left it overnight with no luck. I now cannot access my file manager, it never loads -- the site has been pretty slow in general since and will often hang, but I can get everything else to load, even my file manager (with about 10 files, mostly .bibs) on my other (personal, non-work) account. I have tried loading my account's file manager from a different browser and different computer with the same results.

My account's username is GCWealthProject, if that is helpful.

I was already not looking forward to potentially deleting 150+ files manually and trying to batch upload again (since it seems duplicate files are not stopped at all, and there is no way to 'delete all' or to create a folder in the file manager that I could have loaded the PDFs into and then deleted if wanted), perhaps by this time selecting files directly instead of dragging and dropping them if that would help at all -- but now I am just concerned that I won't be able to access my file manager at all, along with wondering whether I should have done something different in regards to uploading 600+ files at once. Can you offer any advice or help?

Thank you for all your work!



Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out about this! We have been trying to diagnose the slowdown all morning. It turns out that we never tested the case you describe of bulk-uploading a lot of larger files and hence didn't realize that there was a bug that hogs resources when that happens. This is what brought things to a crawl today. The system got back on its feet when I delete the files again -- I was under the impression that that would help you.

We've now also deployed a fix for the bug that caused this, so you should be able to upload the files again and this time it should be much faster and not cause any issues. It may still be safer to try and upload them in batches of 10 or so at first. Please let me know if you have any more issues.




So sorry to have caused such issues by accident! Thank you for addressing everything. Yes, deleting them was fine, thank you. I will try again come Monday and let you know if I encounter any issues, I'll start slow just in case as mentioned.


Hi, I uploaded all the files with no issues that I've noticed. Thank you so much!

Glad to hear, thanks for the update!

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